Core R&D Experience

We have been working as the R&D partner of an American MNC having it’s world leading product in SharePoint migration since last five years. As of now we have matured enough not only in R&D services, but also in customization, deployment, implementation, maintenance and support of SharePoint.

Similarly, our team includes experienced developers, architects, and quality assurance engineers having core expertise in their relevant fields and also we maintain a pool of young talents. Our in-house internship program gives the fresh talents opportunity to work in world class technology and environment whereas we regularly get young talents into our team as per the needs.

Competitive Advantage

A company possesses a competitive advantage over its competitors when it achieves and sustains growth exceeding the average for its industry. The goal of much of businesses today is to achieve a strategic sustainable competitive advantage.

A competitive advantage exists when the company is able to deliver the same benefits as competitors but at a lower cost and/or delivers benefits that exceed those of competing products or services. Thus, a competitive advantage enables the company to create superior value for its customers and superior growth marks for itself.

Since we are a South Asia, Nepal based company where the cost of living and infrastructure costs are lower, we provide our clients and partners their desired solutions in a very competitive price without compromising the quality. Similarly, our strength in software Research adds value to our product and services.

Flexible Team Size

We are a small company with adequate resources to give stability to our services. We always keep pool of experts in close contact so that we can avail their services in a very short notice whenever required. It helps us in a great extent to avoid the compulsion of keeping extra work force for probable work volume thus contributing to costs reduction.

Long-Term Partnership

We have been working in the past five years not as a common outsource services provider company rather a trusted partner in R&D. We believe that such partnership helps both the services buyer and the provider great extent of stability, trust and commitment to each other. We are not only developing and deploying software and solutions, but also provide support to the clients.