Content migration encompasses moving of content objects (data and metadata) from one CMS repository to another, while transforming or retaining the objects’ source metadata. This activity is often called Extract, Translate and Load (ETL) in the database world.

Asteroid Venture is specialized in content migration from legacy ECM systems like Documentum, IBM Lotus Notes, DocuShare etc. to Microsoft SharePoint. With six years long R&D experience in SharePoint content migration, Asteroid Venture has successfully carried multi-platform migration for several companies, renowned government organizations and private enterprises in different industry verticals. Our R&D team has so far handled terabytes of complex content while migrating content to SharePoint from most of the major ECM systems.

Tzunami Deployer is well known as a pioneering achievement in SharePoint migration. Our Research and Development team has had almost six years long experience of contents migration using Tzunami Deployer. Today Tzunami Deployer is the market leader in multi-platform migration.

Tzunami Deployer began its product life cycle along with the very first release of Microsoft SharePoint platform and has continuously evolved to support newer versions ever since. The latest version of Tzunami Deployer provides full support for migration to SharePoint 2003, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and SharePoint Server 2010. Support for SharePoint online and Office 365 has recently been incorporated. We currently have support for migrating from all of the major ECM systems including EMC Documentum, EMC eRoom, OpenText LiveLink, Xerox DocuShare, Hummingbird DM5, BEA Aqualogic, IBM Lotus Notes and SharePoint. Support for new systems is continuously being added as market requirements dictates.

On a as needed basis we also provide SharePoint migration training to your team focusing on Tzunami Deployer, platform and pitfalls associated with a migration endeavor.

The exposure to content migration and related technologies, along with major ECM systems has instilled in our team a profound understanding of the job and puts us in a unique and privileged position to provide a variety of services and support covering entire spectrum of huge volume of contents handling and operation.